BIA commits to Komen Foundation with 5% of sales donation from HOPE mattress

NORTH BRUNSWICK, N.J. – Looking ahead to breast cancer awareness month in October, Bedding Industries of America will showcase the Eclipse HOPE mattress collection at this summer’s Las Vegas Market.

In partnership with Susan G. Komen Foundation, the company donates 5% of the sale of every mattress to advance breast cancer awareness. The mattress collection with retail pricing beginning at $999 is dressed in a pink-and-white cover, features Bedding Industries of America’s proprietary Spinal Zone Version III with additional lumbar support.

“We are proud to partner with the Komen foundation to help raise awareness for breast cancer prevention. By offering the product in the summer, it enables dealers to have the time to order, plan and start promoting the program prior to October,” said Phil Carlitz, chief operating officer. “Our goal is to arm dealers with everything they need to promote and drive traffic this fall when consumer interest and awareness is at its height and raise as much as we can for this cause.”

Other home furnishings companies, including Hooker Furniture, have participated in cause-marketing campaigns for the Komen Foundation.

“The striking pink accents on this mattress stand out in our showroom, and it will turn dealer’s heads,” Carlitz said. “Women continue to the be the primary decision maker in mattress purchasing decisions and consumers will gravitate to the Eclipse HOPE display in support of this important cause.

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