Can voters ignore the issues during ‘stupid season’? | Jerry Epperson

The months prior to a major election have been called “the silly season.”

I suggest this year it be renamed “the stupid season.”

Some days ago, an unrecognized economist (they all look alike but with different eyeglasses) told the channel’s watchers that our economy is fine, and he doesn’t think Americans have ANY reasons to gripe and complain. He said a bad economy should not be an election issue because the current administration has done a competent job. Inflation, interest rates, immigration, housing weakness, global issues and so much more were ignored.

He stated that Americans should “wake up” and appreciate our economy and this administration before Election Day.

I mention this because this is turning the election into “we are doing great” vs. “we should be doing better” or “the economy stinks,” and we are all facing some horrible commercials soon.

I am somewhat perplexed that this gentleman thinks our voters can be easily convinced that they should ignore what they have experienced in the past three years and listen to him.

We all know that some segments of our business world have done okay, such as travel, entertainment, dining out, bubble gum sales and more, but can those voters ignore the other issues?

For everyone’s sanity, let’s play golf, cornhole or pickle ball until after mid-November after the election dust has settled and avoid all politically based media.

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