Enduring Living Room Colors: 80 Timeless Ideas for Lasting Style

Enduring Living Room Colors: 80 Timeless Ideas for Lasting Style

The color choices we make for our living spaces aren’t only aesthetic. Color has the power to make a room look different but also to make us feel different. A change of living room color palette can uplift our energy or soothe us. Should your color scheme create a cheerful buzz as a background for family fun, or should it feel like a cocoon of calm? In this article, we’ll explore 80 aesthetic living rooms with soul-enriching, timeless color combinations. We’ll look at how to introduce color boldly or in subtle accents, so that you can create a living room that’s beautiful and a true reflection of who you are.

Visualizer: Hadeer E Shokier  

This elegant living room palette of black, white, and beige carries an ethereal air with a hint of warmth. Relief art set into the TV wall takes the aesthetic to new heights.

Visualizer: Iryna  

Gray and taupe tones conjure a room of quiet luxury. Combine this cozy living room palette with rounded furniture silhouettes, a round rug, and soft textures.

Designer: k+co LIVING  

Cool baby blue decor creates a soothing base for a living room. Cut through with zesty yellow accents to enliven the look.

Visualizer: Nadiia Floka  

Dark, muted green elements bring an earthy element to a home. In this concept, a single green sofa and ottoman set create a central focal point, while a smoked glass dividing wall and black large area rug form a shadowy surround.

Designer: Igor Ivanov  
Visualizer: Olga Romanenko  

Muted red and green accents bring a neutral space to life without appearing jarring in the serene scheme.

Visualizer: Saloua Mountasser  

Cobalt blue decor accents electrify a basic gray color scheme. Consider introducing this bolder hue in the shape of eye-catching artwork and scatter cushions.

Visualizer: Bartosz Podolski   

Yellow ochre elements will always create warmth wherever they go in the home. Add this glorious mood booster to a sunny room for the ultimate feel-good vibe.

Designer: Ruthie Staalsen Interiors  

Wooden accent pieces make the perfect, warm accompaniment to yellow infusions. This yellow and wood-tone living space is further enlivened by a bold purple area rug.

Designer: Namaq Architects  

Brown and greige living room arrangements gain a modern edge when teamed with black anchor points. In this example, a modern coffee table and a graphic art piece create points of interest.

Via: Houzz  

A flame of burnt orange tones conjures heat and energy in this double-height living room. Moss green accents calm the fire and form a relationship with a magnificent garden vista.

Designer: Urbanology Designs  

An all-white living room decor scheme creates a serene atmosphere but the aesthetic can fall a little flat. Throw in a black feature wall, matching small accessories, and a selection of natural brown elements.

Designer: Karen B Wolf  

Lilac and gray combinations create a soft visual. Continue the light and airy aesthetic with glass coffee tables and an elegant modern chandelier.

Designer: Joselyn Rendon Interiors  

This music-inspired living room concept uses teal notes to bring out the homeowner’s favorite pieces, while tan base notes set a cozy tone.

Source: Dulux Heritage  

Don’t be afraid to combine different shades of green; just think of all the tones you find in a tree. Add a brass floor reading lamp, pendant lights, and matching fittings to achieve a sophisticated look.

Designer: Melinamade  

A rich navy wall saturation gives a living room great depth while still enjoying a buzz of color. Cap this dark and dramatic decor scheme with a fresh white ceiling to prevent it from appearing oppressive.

Designer: Lauren DeBello Interiors  

Deep browns, natural wood, and rattan push warmth through this light-filled white living room. Texture is as important as the color palette in this space, with chunky knit throws, a woven rug, and storage baskets being the stars of the show.

Designer: Décor Aid  

Create a vibrant gallery feel with monochrome artwork and punchy red cushions.

Via: Houzz  

Alternatively, tune into your bright personality with multicolored artwork and equally attention-grabbing accent chairs, scatter cushions, and a focal rug.

Designer: Cantoni Dallas  

Cool a warm brown furniture collection with a muted blue statement wall.

Designer: LUX Design  

Amethyst punctuations add regal intervals to an industrial living room with a concrete structure. Gray and silver components tie in with the cool backdrop.

Visualizer: LOBO STUDIO  

Terracotta and sage make a pleasing pairing, each lending an earth-inspired tone. This combo works especially well sandwiched between wooden floors and wood-clad ceilings.

Designer: Grey Deco  

Is there anything more relaxing than light sage green and neutrals? Bring in a healthy haul of indoor plants and enjoy the blissful tranquility.

Designer: Laura Hammett  

Gold soft furnishings and a glamorous gold light fixture make a lasting impact while gray and greige base pieces ground the look.

Designer: Grey Deco  

Pooling beige living room curtains and textured area rugs make this blue sofa living room feel like a hug.

Visualizer: Юрій Соболевський  

A beige room comes to life with tangerine orange infusions and a burst of natural greenery. In this visual, eye-catching sculptural pendant lights and slatted wall panels balance out the shock of color.

Designer: Grey Deco  

White wall paint with just a whisper of gray creates a cool companion for natural wall hangings, throws, and earthenware pots.

Designer: Grey Deco  

Neoclassical panel molding drives a deeper impact under a commanding, charcoal gray finish. Chocolate brown furnishings make a cozy overlay.

Designer: Grey Deco  

Combine a spectrum of warm browns and lighter greige tones to construct a living room decor scheme with layered depth.

Designer: Grey Deco  

Warm white, biscuit, and blue hues create a softly coastal vibe.

Designer: Grey Deco  

Allow the beauty of wood tone to be the protagonist of your color story with a wood paneled feature wall.

Designer: Grey Deco  

Interrupt a pale gray decor scheme with weighty black moments to convey your confident nature.

Designer: Laura Hammett  

This moody dark gray and black scheme sets a serious tone. A wide modern fireplace and wood-backed shelving alcoves bring slivers of light relief to the arrangement.

Designer: Grey Deco  

Bring sweetness to your living space with soft white and blush tones. Throw in fluffy area rugs and dainty floral arrangements to amplify feminine energy.

Visualizer: Lanre Alao  

Punchy oranges, warm wood tones, and a splash of greenery build a relaxed, tropical vibe.

Designer: Lanre Alao  

Light silver gray makes a subtle canvas for a dusky pink statement sofa in this small living room. Boldly black-framed art prints make a modern gallery wall.

Visualizer: Giorgi Sinauridze   

Warm coral accents cut through the formality of a cool gray and white neoclassical living room. Tie high contrast items together with a common texture theme, like this reeded media console and slatted TV wall.

Visualizer: Fatma Saad  

Coral and dark blue pairings result in a divine balance of warm and cool junctures.

Visualizer: Younes Atrah   

Choose seafoam green decor to attain a feeling of calm with a dash of positive energy.

Visualizer: Aya mehrez  

Red can be an overbearing accent in large swathes but muted red tones can be surprisingly settling. Place in tandem with milky white wall panels to neutralize the heat.

Visualizer: Salma.S Morsi   

Prussian blue and plum purple form an intense team. Cut through this winning duo with white accents to create a fresh space.

Visualizer: Salma.S Morsi  

Muted green tones pepper this textural white living room with invigorating energy. Light wood tones expand upon the earthy interludes.

Via: Michelle Becker  

An old adage claims that blue and green should never be seen together but modern day home designers disagree. Blue and green make a scheme reminiscent of cool waters and plump leaves.

Designer: Mona Mahmoud  

Navy blue and natural stone unions will never get old. Include expanses of white space to let the hero colors breathe.

Source: Valencia  

Cognac and cream make a tasteful combination. You’ll find this palette in classic homes and contemporary spaces alike.

Visualizer: BALA Concept Studio  

Even just a few colorful pieces will transform a bland, blank space. A trio of mint green accessories and a dash of blue design elements convert this loft from drab to fab.

Visualizer: Naira Kotsinyan  

Teal and taupe in equal measure construct a unique colorblocked effect here. Copper accessories add luxe character.

Visualizer: Naira Kotsinyan  

Use textures and reflective items to build interest in an all-black living room.

Visualizer: Mirish Mirzayev  

Dark duck egg and russet brown color a sumptuous living room palette.

Designer: DUCEK GROUP  
Visualizer: Mirish Mirzayev  

Metallic bronze bands top textural beige walls in this enigmatic living room arrangement. A letterbox fireplace echoes the warm glow of the crowning copper.

Visualizer: CXR Studio  

Red, white, and blue combos are bold, upbeat, and exude positivity.

Visualizer: Mariam Vartanian  

Use boldly colored statement pieces to define different areas in an open plan living space. This turquoise modular sofa builds the border of the lounge area while a turquoise accent alcove anchors a small dining space.

Visualizer: CXR Studio  

Use multicolored art and accessories to reinvent a neutral home interior.

Visualizer: CXR Studio  

Allow a garden view or a collection of indoor plants to inspire an all-green space.

Visualizer: Даниил Гапешин  

Lay down a carpet of green to bring outdoor spirit to a smart gray and gold scheme.

Visualizer: Iryna 3D Visualizer  

Black marble and deep brown wood tone set a luxurious aesthetic, though run the risk of appearing stuffy. Blow an air of creativity through the space with refreshing shades of blue.

Visualizer: Юрій Соболевський  

Tame zingy tangerine with balancing gray.

Visualizer: Donara Baghdasaryan  

Curate a quiet blue living room away from the heat of the city, where you can read a book, relax with the cat, or take a nap.

Visualizer: Mustafa Hazem  

Slate gray and brown living rooms evoke a sense of style and belonging.

Architect: Liza Nikulina  
Designer: Yara Lysiuk  

Graphite gray and coral pink living spaces have a playful essence.

Designer: Liza Nikulina  

Smooth charcoal walls with comfy teal furnishings fashion a modern hub for downtime and hobbies.

Source: Livspace  

Contrast red brick feature walls with deep mustard furnishings and lush green plants.

Designer: Oscar Pastor  

Delve into a darker palette with deep burgundy walls and gray soft furnishings. Cut through the shadows with light wall art.

Via: Dreamy Home Style  

Lilac and silver decor produces a graceful aesthetic. Keep silhouettes slender and textures silky.

Visualizer: AGLAIA Interiors  

This creative black and greige cocoon is achieved by holding fast to the theme, from the modular sofa to the wall art.

Visualizer: Nhan Nguyen  

Use shades and hues of your chosen color to draw attention to interesting architectural features, as demonstrated in this dusky pink living room. Green elements draw the eye back to earth.

Via: DiningandLivingRoom  

Mellow a mint color scheme with biscuit brown accents.

Visualizer: Thuong Hoai  

Pull back on the prettiness of a pink living room decor scheme by introducing natural accents.

Designer: Henrietta Heisler Interiors Inc   

Rest and reset in a light sage living room, elevated with gold accessories.

Designer: Rachel Reider Interiors  

Vibrant color medleys will speak to creative souls.

Designer: Anushka Contractor  

A border of mint and mustard artwork, scatter cushions, and accent chairs, gives a white living room a blast of jovial personality.

Designer: Niche Interiors  

Sapphire blue and emerald seating have a transformative effect on a basic white background.

Via: Etsy  

Dip into the sublime with a dark green, gold, and fuchsia ensemble.

Designer: Salt Interiors  

Place warm brown focal points throughout a monochrome living room to shape an inviting space.

Visualizer: Mariia Bondarenko  

This conceptual pink and blue living room shows how to include color-blocked vignettes in your plan.

Designer: The Cousins   

Liven up a light gray room with a slice of lemon.

Designer: Keep Smiling Home  

Moss green serves as a neutral in this fresh white living room, where the open shelves bring a collection of brighter colors.

Via: Houzz  

Unapologetically pink, gold, and green, this decor scheme announces its owners blooming self confidence.

Designer: O’Hara Interiors  

Lime green and aqua elements match the uplifting energy of a sun-drenched living space.

Via: Creative Booster  

One hue of powder blue dusts this lofty living room with finesse.

Via: Decor Interior  

Make room for joy with sunshine yellow, even when the city stands gray outside.

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