From the truck to the office: Indiana retailer under new ownership

GREENSBURG, Ind. — When the owners of Taff Furniture here were ready to retire, they found a familiar face from their past to step in.

The husband-and-wife team of Kyle and Taylor Moeller bought the 89-year-old business in Southeast Indiana in February from owners Joe Taff, Don Blankman and Bruce Talbott. For Kyle Moeller, it’s a return of sorts after years of working in the banking industry.

“I worked at a bank, and I knew they were looking for a sales position as they asked me about it in the past. I was a delivery driver there for four years when I was in college,” he told Furniture Today. “I knew about the business a little bit and checked with them to see what they had available, and it turned out two of the three owners were ready to retire, so we bought it.”

Blankman will continue as part of Taff’s brain trust, while Talbott will remain through the year’s end to help the Moellers with the transition. Moeller said he welcomes their input and guidance. “I don’t know everything about the furniture business right now. I’m only four months into doing a role other than delivery driver,” he said.

Since taking over, the Moellers have helped oversee a retirement sale for the previous owners and are now leading a grand reopening sale as a way to introduce themselves to the community in this new capacity.

“It’s been great, seeing the community’s support and everything. People come in to introduce themselves saying they bought from Taff for years,” Moeller said. “It’s doing well so far. We had our retirement sale, and now we’re doing our grand opening. It’s going well so far.”

And while Taff’s founding goes back to 1935, its facilities — which include a 28,000-square-foot showroom as well as a nearby warehouse and distribution center — go back even longer. The site was once home to the Schultz Co., which was selling furniture as early as 1868.

“It’s crazy to think how furniture has been sold out of this same store since right after the Civil War. I’m glad to carry on the tradition,” Moeller said.

And come October, Moeller hopes to undertake a new tradition for the first time: a first High Point Market as owner.

“I think we’re going to go in October. I wanted to go for April, but we were getting ready to start the retirement sale,” he said.

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