Got sheet slippage with adjustable bed bases? DreamFit offers a solution.

CULLMAN, Ala. – As adjustable bed bases continue to gain in popularity, DreamFit is pushing its stay-in-place sheets and mattress protectors with independent retailers.

The company says it is making headway in expanding its business into the home furnishings space with retailers like Mattress World Northwest in Cornelius, Ore.; Lakeville, Minn.-based Schneiderman’s Furniture; Hudsonville, Mich.-based Talsma Furniture; and Johnny Janosik in Laurel, Del. The company says its patented sheets and mattress protectors with elastic bands at the corners help prevent slippage, keeping the linens in place.

According to Chris Taheny, senior vice president of sales, DreamFit gives independent retailers top-of-bed solutions with sizes to accommodate all bed types, including split-head queen and king. The company’s sleep accessories all feature the non-slip corner bands backed by the company’s guaranteed fit promise.

“We wanted a sheet that could fit on any of the mattresses on the floor, including those with adjustable bases, which our clients use a lot,” said David Doyle, bedding manager at Johnny Janosik. “We often heard complaints about sheets not staying on the mattress throughout the night, and personally, my wife and I faced the same issue and tried many different sheets without success until we discovered DreamFit.”

For Mattress World Northwest, the company uses DreamFit’s product mix to help prevent comfort exchanges misdiagnosed because the sheets didn’t fit properly said Ryan Bailey, vice president of sales and operations. “DreamFit offers fabric for any technology in all sizes, and a great color selection,” he said. “It’s an exceptional product to bring to your consumers that will enhance any of your products.”

Earlier this year, DreamFit partnered with American Leather to develop sleep accessories to work with the upholstery producers sofa sleepers.

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