HD Expo 2024 Concludes With a Talk on Immersive Experiences

HD Expo 2024 Concludes With a Talk on Immersive Experiences

The final day of HD Expo + Conference 2024 in Las Vegas wrapped up with a session befitting of the city. Experience and Awe: Immersive Experiences explored concepts like MSG’s Sphere and Spiegelworld, which have raised the bar for entertainment in the built environment.

So how do we keep the momentum going? The panel dove into what it takes to transport guests to another world and how to continue pushing the boundaries on immersive experiences. Here, we highlight key insights from each of the panelists.

“We’re trying to create an experience where you forget you’re in Las Vegas. We want people to walk out saying, ‘Where the hell were we?’ and that all comes back to our brand, which is about intimacy and anti-technology.” —Ross Mollison, Spiegelworld

“At Sphere, you’re there to see the movie, Phish, or U2, but there are so many experiences that lead up to that point. [You need to have] elements of surprise that prime customers leading up to the main event so they’re no longer waiting in a line, they’re already in a experience with entertainment.” —Judy Suh, Squint/Opera

“The idea of theming is about creating things that evoke memories overlaid with different environments. If you connect people with their memories, they have a deeper connection to that space. It takes people from their everyday environment to a certain point in time. Technology supports the experience but isn’t the experience itself—it’s about the emotion.” —Edmund Spencer, Swingers, the Crazy Golf Club

“Innovation isn’t easy. Innovation is for the brave, and the brave are the clients who are taking risks—the ones saying ‘We’re going to go through this and it’s going to be painful…are you in?’ Innovation is about setting a culture that allows people to wish and dream. For the rest of your life as a designer, you’re going to be a storyteller. It’s about setting a culture where people feel comfortable to put out their ideas.” —David Taglione, ICRAVE

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