Luxurious Suburban Villa Paradise In Calabasas By Luxxu

Luxurious Suburban Villa Paradise In Calabasas By Luxxu

A suburban villa paradiseLUXXU embarks on another venture into natural landscapes, arriving at Calabasas for its latest project. This dwelling seamlessly blends into the suburban utopia, showcasing adobe architecture amidst picturesque surroundings and the neighborhood’s upscale ambiance. Fusing urban conveniences with unrivaled serenity, the residence harmonizes premium designs and contemporary elegance. LUXXU’s extensive collection of luxurious furniture pieces enriches this lavish endeavor, elevating it to the epitome of interior and exterior opulence.



A Suburban Villa Paradise | The Gateway to Elegance



The arched entrance already gives one a regal sense, and then, you are surprised by a natural environment enriched by high-quality components. Furthermore, the front door highlights the Macri Hardware by Pullcast, adding more texture to the interiors.




The stucco staircase and walls blend perfectly with the neutral glamour scheme of its surroundings. The Magna Chandelier suspends over the ceiling, creating a poetic statement, and the Talie Round Sofas in Monet Pearl fabric introduce a mid-century feel with their curved silhouette. Other noteworthy designs include the Empire Set III Center Table and Waterfall II Wall Lamps, which offer extra light and ultimate luxury.





The modern interior architecture conveys a sleek aesthetic, energy efficiency, and versatility to the living room. This space features a bar area where the Algerone II Bar Chairs declare a polished display. The lounge highlights a perfect mix of modern and contemporary details with exclusive pieces like the Senzu Sofa by LUXXU or the Imperfectio Armchairs and the Navarra Center Table by Boca do Lobo.



The decor is complete with a wall-mounted fireplace and hand-woven rattan carpets, which one can enjoy while having sweeping views of the mountains.






The high ceilings and clean lines are two of the most recognizable characteristics of Marbella luxury, but LUXXU took it a step further by combining raw and fine materials and featuring marble floors and walls to create the perfect contrast with the simple white walls and wooden slabs.



The majestic high ceilings allow for countless superb decor ideas, including the premium combination of the bold Talie Dining Chair with the marbled Algerone Rectangular Dining Table, lighted by the sublime Liberty Slim Snooker Suspension.





Luxury becomes paramount in each corner of this room. It incorporates numerous custom-made pieces, including the Algerone Snooker and Poker tables. Overhead lighting is a must in these types of divisions, and here, the Waterfall suspensions become the centerpieces with their gold-plated brass details and delicate crystal glass tubes that cast a soothing glow.



In the lounge, comfort is also of the essence with designs like the Algerone Angular Sofa or the Galea Armchair. Then, the Lloyd Bookcase offers plenty of space to hold memorabilia and books.






The master suite highlights timeless hotel-like amenities and a touch of nature. It features undulating wooden walls with a stucco installation in the middle for decorative purposes. LUXXU’s Charla collection decorates the sleeping area, including the Charla XL Bed, which makes an impressive statement with its beige upholstered headboard. The Waterfall Small Pendants introduce a sleek look. In the vanity corner, one can spot the iconic lines of the Charla Dressing Table with a custom twist and the Algerone Stool.





The child’s bedroom is the ultimate wonderland playground, displaying fluffy designs throughout. LUXXU opted to showcase a custom-made Charla XL twin bed with whimsical details, adding a mint headboard and playful accents to the bottom of the beds. At the center, the Needle Table Lamp adds a layer of luxury, complemented by the suitcase-shaped Fantasy Air Nightstand by CIRCU.



The enchantment is elevated with the Bubble Gum Bench and gym, the Elephant stool, the Bunny floor Mirror in green tones, and the Cloud Suspension Lamps. Finally, LUXXU added a bespoke model of the Talie Sofa for extra comfort but with a more cheerful structure.





The outdoors boost the charming and sophisticated nature of the town, acquiring a more relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. This landscape area features outdoor furniture from MYSA, including the Hampton Wood Armchair and Sofa, which epitomize class and style through its layered form. The Algerone Outdoor Tables give a distinctive and timeless aesthetic courtesy of their geometric marble disposition. Concerning lighting, the awe-inspiring Magna Floor Lamps and the Spear I Outdoor Wall Lamp lend a contemporary dynamic that blends seamlessly with the natural surroundings.



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