Most Wanted Pieces By LUXXU

Most Wanted Pieces By LUXXU

Most Wanted Pieces By LUXXU: Luxury interior design stands out for its use of high-quality materials, innovation, and excellent craftsmanship. LUXXU is a brand that is essentially characterized by its sophistication and exclusivity, creating unique and artistic pieces of furniture to elevate any interior space. Most Wanted Pieces brings together a selection of the brand’s most dazzling and coveted creations.




Most Wanted Pieces

Talie Collection

To Inspire




The new Talie collection represents the epitome of the refinement and elegance of modern interior design trends. Introducing the fabulous Talie dining chair, which brings to life movements such as Art Deco and mid-century, reshaping the dining scene with its stimulating design. Evoking modernity at its best, the Talie dining chair brings refinement and glamor to any dining setting. Ideal for a good time of flavors, comfort, and emotions.

Talie´s Upholstery



A dream living room is possible with the Talie upholstery collection. A collection that exudes opulence in any space with its elegant lines and high-quality materials. Elevate your space with the latest statement in luxury interior design.




The Talie Single Sofa has a voluptuous profile that offers extra comfort and style. Its backrest is slightly curved for added aesthetics and is connected to a golden metal support that harks back to the mid-century modern era. The Talie Round Sofa embodies the majestic aura of mid-century modern style, with rounded corners, soft edges, and distinctive details. Upholstered in Monet Pearl fabric with geometric patterns, it features brass details and an integrated coffee table.



The Next Level of Luxury



LUXXUs most wanted products will not only take your space to the next level of luxury but will also inspire you. The pieces symbolize a physical and material aesthetic dimension, while at the same time providing emotional sensations that positively affect your state of mind. The Thomson Sofa is a piece of upholstery that offers not only comfort and sophistication but also versatility, allowing you to customize and arrange it as your needs and preferences change. Together, the Empire Set I Center Table demonstrates a unique aesthetic that blends harmoniously with the Thomson Sofa.


The Organic Essence of Magna Chandelier



The Magna Chandelier is a masterpiece inspired by the organic forms of nature, the beauty and elevation of the mountains. A piece that combines modern design with traditional craft techniques. A masterpiece that belongs to LUXXUs most wanted collection due to its elegant and luxurious design.



A Distinctive Light



As one of the most essential rooms in any home, it’s imperative to have a decor that makes you feel at ease and comfortable since you’ll be spending a lot of time in it. LUXXU’s dining rooms offer a different kind of elegance and glamor. The presence of the Liberty Slim Suspension has a luxurious impact on the dining room that will never go unnoticed. Its complexity and richness are reflected in its materials, making it the perfect luminaire for those who value attention to detail. The Galea II Dining Chair, on the other hand, is an exponent of comfort and refined design.


Coveted Pieces



LUXXU pieces reveal exclusive characteristics that make them highly sought-after for enhancing interior space. Floor lamps like Shard have the power to provide a refined and exclusive look with a striking presence. The Vertigo Mirror is likewise a splendid piece. An elegant design, it has intricate details on the frame that exude a timeless charm.



The Majestic Wall Lamps



LUXXU‘s famous wall lamps reveal a great identity in the decoration of interior spaces. Elegant lighting pieces elevate any space to a luxurious atmosphere. Inspired by Ancient Rome, the Spear II Wall Lamp is a timeless design that combines strength and elegance. The Pharo II Wall Lamp, on the other hand, represents a more modern perspective. A true beacon of light that illuminates any interior decoration with style and refinement. Its modern design pays homage to the simple shapes of lighthouses, while its attention to detail makes it a truly luxurious addition to any lighting scheme.


A Luxurious Outdoor Experience



The outdoor luxury experience reaches a new level with LUXXU‘s selection of the most wanted products. The perfect outdoor living set is complete with a sofa! With this in mind, the Galea Grey collection has been expanded and now features the perfect design piece for relaxing in the sun or around a campfire. The Galea Grey Sofa is the epitome of relaxation and style, offering unrivaled comfort and durability. To add to the sofa, the elegant Galea Grey Armchair combines traditional Indonesian weaving techniques with exquisite Portuguese metalwork, making it a durable and hard-wearing outdoor piece.


What do you think about these most wanted pieces by Luxxu? Which one is your favorite?



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