Pavilion to launch chaise, 2 tables

Pavilion to launch chaise, 2 tables

Premium outdoor furniture brand Pavilion is launching a chaise lounge and two tables — the Luma, Lirio and Cavo — inspired by the tropical flora indigenous to South Florida. They will be available Aug 1.

Luma, from the Basque word for feather, is reminiscent of the plumy palm fronds and wild ferns that thrive in warm climates. This elegant chaise lounge exemplifies the perfect balance between visual lightness and structural resilience. Much like a fern flexing in the wind, Luma’s airy sling appears to gracefully float above its streamlined four-post aluminum frame. It is available in an array of powder-coat finishes and sling fabrics.

The floral design of the Lirio table brings whimsical energy across residential and commercial spaces. Lirio, Spanish for lily, is a side table that echoes the organic shape of water lilies adrift in serene tropical waters. A true testament to the harmony of form and function, Lirio may be specified as an independent pull-up table or layered in pairs. 

Compact, yet substantial, the Cavo table delivers functionality in a friendly design. Reminiscent of the cavernous Bald Cypress trees native to the Florida Everglades, this table features a simple, barrel-shaped silhouette with a hollow base. Cavo allows for convenient poolside storage of towels, sandals or totes, while the clever design also makes it easy to transport around outdoor shared spaces.

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