Restrained Luxury: A Tour of a Chic, Compact Manhattan Penthouse [Video]

Restrained Luxury: A Tour of a Chic, Compact Manhattan Penthouse [Video]

Soaring over the city hum, this Manhattan penthouse exemplifies modern sophistication in an elegantly compact sort. Imagined by the CYLIND, this space strikes a fragile equilibrium among opulent and up to date, flawlessly suited to the discerning tastes of a contemporary couple. That includes a modern brass kitchen, atmospheric lights, and a reliable palette of textures paired with very carefully curated artwork, the penthouse exude luxury and comfort. Discover the subtle intricacies of this spectacular home, a serene haven amidst the perpetual attract of the city that never sleeps.

The sculptural flooring lights you see in the corner is the Alabaster Totem 16.

The countertop&#8217s deep ebony shade harmonizes with the dining house, forming a hanging contrast with the golden sheen of the brass island fronts. This creates a mesmerizing visible dance of colour and texture. Anchoring the space, the kitchen island emerges as the central showpiece.

Listed here is a video tour of the room:

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