Shark Tank-featured ‘indestructible’ bed hits U.S. market

Shark Tank-featured ‘indestructible’ bed hits U.S. market

SAN DIEGO – The Indestruct bed, featured on Shark Tank and manufactured by Australian bed giant Sleeping Duck, has entered the U.S. market. The bed’s claim to fame lies in its “indestructability” and “providing uncompromising back support for every sleeper.”

“The Indestruct Bed program started when we realized that people concerned about their back health often focused on mattress quality but rarely considered their bed base,” said Sleeping Duck co-founder, Winston Wijeyeratne.

“Our load-bearing tests revealed that even expensive and visually appealing beds were often constructed with flimsy, low-quality materials that were prone to sagging,” Wijeyeratne said. “This would eventually compromise the support you’d expect from your mattress, no matter how good it is. The Indestruct Bed flips the priority: It focuses on providing infallible steel back support, while still catering to any desired aesthetic.”

In its larger size formats, the Indestruct Bed carries 110 pounds of structural grade S235 steel and features a solid, C-profile, steel support beam positioned directly under the back of each, individual sleeper.

“The C-Spine steel beams are the heart of the design,” said Wijeyeratne, “They’re the parts of the bed that support your spine and should never fail.”

The result, the company says, “is a bed that is undoubtedly the most solid you will ever sleep on.”

“The uptake in Australia has been astonishing,” added Wijeyeratne. “It has helped many people, from pregnant women through to high-performance Olympic athletes and, of course, anyone with back pain.”

Sleeping Duck displays the bed’s capabilities in a 22-minute video, which shows the bed being dropped from a crane at 32 feet.

The queen bed frame sells for $1,099 online and is offered in upholstered lining, or in oak, ash or walnut for extra. It’s offered in king and California king for $200 and $300 more, respectively. A headboard is also offered for an additional $500.

The bed comes with free shipping (in metropolitan areas) and a lifetime structural warranty.

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