Sleep Number accounts for value with introduction of c1 Smart Bed

MINNEAPOLIS — Sleep Number is making a leap into the value category with the its new c1 smart bed, released today and priced at $999 for a queen size.

The c1 offers adjustable firmness on both sides and includes sleep technology features found in higher-end models. For under $1,000, it provides adjustable comfort, breathable technology to reduce heat and personalized sleep insights. Designed for couples, each side can be adjusted to meet individual sleep needs, and users reportedly gain 28 minutes more restful sleep per night.

“We are excited to introduce the c1 smart bed – and offer three of our smart beds under $2,000 – to meet the needs of today’s value-conscious, scrutinizing consumer,” said Shelly Ibach, chair, president and CEO. “We’ve strengthened our smart bed portfolio with a superior sleep innovation under $1,000 and are fulfilling our purpose to improve the health and wellbeing of society through higher quality sleep.”

The c1 smart bed joins the lineup of Sleep Number’s Classic Series, known for its affordable prices. The Classic Series also includes the Sleep Number c2 smart bed ($1,299, queen) and the c4 smart bed ($1,899, queen), all offering smart adjustability, breathable comfort and cushioning support. With the c1, Sleep Number now has three smart beds under $2,000 (queen size). Key features of the sleep number c1 smart bed include:

  • Temperature regulation: The c1 smart bed addresses temperature issues, with 80% of couples reporting one or both partners sleep too hot or cold. A ceramic gel layer helps draw heat away for breathable comfort.
  • Individualized comfort: Sleep Number smart beds let each sleeper choose their ideal firmness level and adjust to relieve pressure points. The bed automatically adjusts throughout the night to maintain comfort and improve sleep quality.
  • Personalized sleep health insights: The Sleep Number app provides personalized health and sleep insights by monitoring vital health data and sleep trends. The app, updated with new customer service features and integration with Sleep Number’s rewards program, enhances the user experience.
  • Compatibility with adjustable bases: The FlexFit smart adjustable bases enhance comfort with features like Partner Snore technology to reduce snoring, under-bed lighting, and head and foot adjustments.

The new Sleep Number c1 smart bed is available starting today directly from the company and at  Sleep Number stores.

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