Storis releases guide to mastering data automation

Storis, a leading provider of retail technology solutions for the home furnishings industry, has released a new technology guide called “Mastering Data: A Webhooks Guide for Furniture Retailers.”

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are a popular technology used widely in the industry to synchronize data between solutions. Webhooks are the next evolution of APIs and take data automation possibilities to new levels for furniture retailers, according to Storis. This solution is gaining momentum in the industry, but it can be technical to understand, the company says, so it created this educational resource that breaks down this topic and its practical uses within the context of our industry.

Storis says that by leveraging webhooks, retailers in home furnishings can take their customer engagement strategies to new heights. The guide offers insights on how webhooks work, their interplay with APIs and practical tips.

A link to the guide can be found by clicking here.

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