Why Biltrite picks 1 holiday to focus on culture over sales

GREENFIELD, Wis. — Biltrite Furniture-Leather-Mattresses here isn’t going to sell a thing over the July 4 holiday and its owners couldn’t care less.

That’s because the Greenfield, Wis.-based retailer closes for the holiday, giving its entire team time off for family time, fun, wellness and rejuvenation. It’s something Biltrite has done for around two decades in addition to being closed every Sunday and for a few days around Christmas and Easter each year. This year, it’s closed June 26 through July 7.

“You work all these retail holidays so it’s nice to have one where you’re off and can spend time with your family,” Randi Komisar Schachter, a fourth-generation owner of the Greenfield, Wis.-based retailer, told Furniture Today.

And as Biltrite has made it a tradition to be off on July 4, the community knows to shop either immediately before or shortly after the store reopens.

“There’s a huge buildup that we market. We normally do an American-made sale in June, but we shifted gears and did a Friends & Family sale,” Schachter said. “We’re not shy in announcing that we’re closed for July 4, and it builds up demand to shop with us.”

Schachter said it’s part of a family atmosphere Biltrite aims to cultivate. it’s a hit with employees, and her family enjoys it as well.

“We’re a family business and everybody can be off with their families and enjoy,” she said. “I think it’s very much appreciated by the team, and for us as a family, we can take off and enjoy ourselves and know the store is OK.”

And besides, she acknowledged that there are plenty more holidays out there to grab business.

We have to be there on Labor Day and Memorial Day and New Year’s Day and Presidents Day, so here’s an opportunity for people can travel or stay local with their families,” Schachter said. “Everybody’s excited and they’re on the same page and they know what it takes to gear up for it and get the store back up once we reopen.”

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